Adventure Thru Inner Space Ride Script

(Traffic Controllers) "atommobiles approaching snowflake specimen..." "All phases stand by to verify resolving power..." "Phase blue, phase blue: Light wavelength approximately .5000 millimeters. Definition excellent." "Phase green: resolving power decreasing..." "Phase green, increase hue angle... verify..." "Phase green: Hue angle increased to 14 degrees, 29 minutes. atommobile definition excellent." "All phases hold hue angle until forward units reach crystalline stage of snowflake.

(Paul Frees "Narrator") " YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: This is the tracking procedure of an adventure through inner space. Adventurous men of science who have made this journey before you are carefully plotting every phase of this incredible journey as you shrink beyond the smallness of an atom: the smallest building block of matter. We wish you an enlightening experience. For though your body will shrink, your mind will expand.

(Traffic Controllers) "All phases lower resolvable separation as automobiles proceed through crystalline stage. Compensate shrinking factor" "Phase yellow: hue angle increased to 85 degrees, approaching practical limit." "Phase yellow, Hold with 90 degrees and stand by to convert to immersion fluids)"

(Paul Frees) You are about to begin your adventure through inner space. We hope this remarkable journey will bring you closer to the adventures experienced daily by men of science. Men of vision who make similar treks in a never ending search for new ways to manipulate molecules for your comfort and convenience. This journey which you are about to take is but one of many such marvelous adventures through inner space.

(Traffic Controlers) "Forward units proceeding beyond limits of optical magnification. All phases activate DLX system, verify voltage compensators" "Phase blue: DLX system go. Focusing on H2O molecules. Advanced atommobiles obscured." "All primary phases pinpoint CC factor of condenser coil, verify triangulation." "Phase blue: CC factor rectified. Advanced atommobiles coming into focus." "All phases lock on to present CC factor and hold until all atommobiles past beyond DLX range"

(Paul Frees) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: On this adventure through inner space, you will see that the crystal is a basic form of solid mater. You will see that crystals are made of millions of molecules. That molecules are composed of one or more atoms, and that atoms consist of a nucleus and many electrons that surround it. Here you will see just two of more than a hundred known atoms that scientists are constantly rearranging into molecules to further what nature began.

(Traffic Controllers) "All phases initiate the MS precision converters and adjust to the minus 20 million." "Phase yellow: phase yellow reporting forward units on collision course with H20 molecule." "Increase precision focus to the minus one billion." "Phase orange: forward units obscured. Cannot, repeat, cannot locate atommobiles." "All phases increase focus to the minus five billion. Proceed with precision scan procedure." "Phase orange: oxygen atoms in sharp focus. Still no evidence of atommobiles." "Critical phases continue precision scan procedure."

(Paul Frees) Your ultimate goal on this adventure thru inner space will be the very hub of this microcosmic solar system, the atomic nucleus. It's capabilities are almost unimaginable. It is a million times smaller than the atom, and yet it contains 99% of the atoms weight. The density of the nucleus is such that if we had one cubic centimeter, half a teaspoon, it would weigh one hundred million tons. We hope this adventure will stimulate your interest to probe further into the mysteries of inner space. For everything we use in our daily lives depends on the universe of the molecule.

(Traffic Controllers) "Phase orange: phase orange experiencing chromatic aberrations. Request permission to increase object space index.." "Phase orange, permission granted. Make adjustments and verify." "Phase orange: Immersion fluid padded. Objective positive. atommobiles observed approaching crystal labyrinth." "Phase red: reporting forward units drifting into molecular stage. NA factor approaching one point forty." "Phase red, hold at NA one point sixty. Attention all phases: atommobiles proceeding beyond limits of normal optical magnification. Stand by to convert to DLX system when forward units enter molecular stage."

(Paul Frees) Manned flights to Mars and beyond, the glamorous probing of outer space may one day benefit all mankind, but it is today's dedicated probing of inner space that will make it possible. It is mans probing into the realm of the atom and the molecule that has developed the sophisticated materials that will enable our astronauts to survive the rigors of outer space.

(Traffic Controllers) "Forward units approaching crystalline stage, primary phases stand by to verify automatic tracking signals." "Phase blue: phase blue. ocular scope scanning. Signal modulation positive." "Phase green: phase green. Ocular scope fading, signal modulation variable."

==== Start of Ride ====
(Narrated by Paul Frees)

For centuries, man had but his own two eyes to explore the wonders of his world, then he invented the microscope, a mighty eye, and discovered the fantastic universe beyond the limits of his own meager sight. Now your adventure thru inner space has begun. Thru Monsanto's Mighty Microscope, you will travel into the incredible universe found within a tiny fragment of a snowflake. I am the first person to make this fabulous journey, suspended in the timelessness of inner space are the thought waves of my first impressions. They will be our only source of contact once you have passed beyond the limits of normal MAGNIFICATION... MAGNIFICATION.. MAGNIFICATION. MAGNIFICATION

I am passing beyond the magnification limits of even the most powerful microscope. These are snowflakes, and yet they seem to grow larger and larger... or can I be shrinking? Shrinking beyond the smallness of a tiny snowflake crystal. Indeed, I am becoming smaller and smaller! These tiny bits of snowflake crystal TOWER above me! Like an enormous wall of ice. Can I penetrate this gigantic prism? And yet this wall of ice only seems smooth and solid. From this tiny viewpoint I can see that nothing is solid, no matter how it appears. And still I continue to shrink. What compelling force draws me into this mysterious darkness? Can this be the threshold of inner space?

What are these strange spheres... Have I reached the universe of the molecule? YES! These are water molecules, H20! They vibrate in such an orderly pattern, because this is water frozen into a solid state of matter. These fuzzy spheres must be the atoms that make up the molecule. Two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom, and I see it's the orbiting electrons that give the atom it's fuzzy appearance. And still I continue to shrink. Is it possible that I can enter the atom itself?!? Electrons are dashing about me- like so many fiery comets! Can I possibly survive?!?.

I have pierced the wall of the oxygen atom! I am so infinitely small now that I can see millions of orbiting electrons. They appear like the Milky Way of our own solar system. This vast realm... THIS is the infinite universe within a tiny speck of snowflake crystal. And there is the nucleus of the atom! Do I dare explore the vastness of It's inner space?

No... I dare not go on. I must return to realm of the molecule before I go on shrinking- forever! Oh, how strange! The molecules are so active now?!? They have become fluid, freed from their frozen state. That can only mean that the snowflake is melting.

YES the snowflake has melted. But there is no cause for alarm. You are back on visual and returning to your normal size. This has been one of may exciting adventures thru inner space. In a never-ending search for new ways to rearrange molecules for the benefit of mankind. Now, in our display area you will see modern miracles created by rearranging the molecules, not only of water, but of air, coal, petroleum and many other raw materials. THIS IS MONSANTO.

Interesting side notes: When Monsanto pulled their sponsership in September 30, 1977 the ride narration had a small cut made to it.
The line that reads:

"Thru Monsanto's mighty microscope, you will travel into the incredible universe found within a tiny fragment of a snowflake."
was changed to:
"Thru the mighty microscope, you will travel into the incredible universe found within a tiny fragment of a snowflake."

All Monsanto logos were pulled from the outside and inside the attraction. The Display Area windows became Disney ride attraction posters and the "Presented by Monsanto" in front of the building was also removed. For some odd reason Disney still kept "This is Monsanto" line at the end of the ride.