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This site features the sights, sound and flash animation of Disney's much missed attraction in Disneyland California's Tomorrowland (now replaced with Star Tours). I have created this site from my own collection of media from auctions on ebay to my own personal ATIS material. Adventure Thru Inner Space web site was in the making for over the span of 8 years. My goal is to share with others who also miss the attraction or have never encountered one of the most interesting, creative and odd rides ever created. If you have any additional information on this attraction and would like to share it on this site (and you will be given credit) please e-mail me steve@themightymicroscope.com

Please feel free to look around the site. There are many interesting tidbits of information about ATIS.

News 01-14-2012

Adventure Thru Inner Space Virtual Ride-thru now available on most moble devices, laptops, and PC/Mac computers as instant digital download.

Sorry, but due to lack of demand for DVD's these days and increasing production costs, I am removing the sale of the ATIS DVD at this time. In its place, I am making the main ATIS Virtual Ride-thru available as an instant digital download upon purchase. Now you can take the attraction with you anywhere you go.

See here for more details

The Mighty Microscope is back! Sort of... See my new Star Tours Review here
  News 08-15-2010  

New Star Tours in 2011

Where ATIS used to reside is now home to Star Tours. Star Tours is now closed for a much needed refurbishment and a face lift to add three new destinations (rumored) and it will use CGI and Stereoscopic 3D (3D glasses) and all in glorious HD quality. Star Tours was scheduled to be closed in Oct of 2010 but was shut down early to make sure it can be opened by next year on time. It is still unknown at this time if Actor Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman) will return as the voice of the inept robot pilot. I hope we get our Pee-wee Robot back in the new version.

Wonder if the Mighty Microscope will still be inserted as a tribute, as it was in the classic attraction? (Highly Doubt it) We shall see when it reopens sometime in 2011. Visit the Odds and Ends section of this site for more info and a movie of one of the line queue commercials.

More stuff:
Thanks to the help of Paul (last name not given) in helping me find errors on the website. Thanks Paul for all your help!

Davelandweb.com has a web page dedicated to ATIS and has many great Inner Space pictures that I have not seen before. He also has many photos, info interviews and more on ATIS and Disneyland. Check his site out. Very cool!

Not ATIS related but I uploaded a new web page dedicated to my fun Halloween 3d projects (but with some Disneyland flair) that can be purchased for those of you who wish to create these fun effects yourselves. Visit my Window Creeps page for more info and examples.


  News 07-19-2010  
  Worked on the Paypal button to be able to take orders for two DVD's for the price of $35.00. Let me know if this button is still broken. Thank you.  

My fun side projects

My new Halloween Effects for 2010

Look for Disneyland inspired effects in the new Window Creeps video.

Window Creeps coming soon...


For those interested in my Adventure Thru Inner Space DVD it can be purchased here

ATIS fan Mike sent me a cool INNERSPACE music mix

created Mashwerk
Music by: New Aura


VMK with Adventure Thru Inner Space! I created a page dedicated on what you have to do to get in to the locked area of the game. VMK game is no longer available to play but I keep the page for reference material for ATIS related material.

Gary Tashjian sent me the little old pic promoting Tomorrowland and Coca Cola. Any info from this

Here is a pdf scan of a book ATIS employees would receive when they would work on the attraction.
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