Lost Disneyland:
"Adventure Thru Inner Space"

by Ryan Harman and David Mumford


  Interview with X Atencio (Outsite link)
Writer of Adventure Thru Inner Space Script. (sneak preview)

Interviewed and written by Scott Weitz
Page 01 (Cover)
Page 02 (Insert)
Page 03 (Lobby diorama)
Page 04 (large scan so you can see story-boards!)
Page 05 (Miniature is not much different from original attraction)
Page 06 (It really is a "Small World" after all)
Page 07 (Monsanto Today)
Page 08 (Back)

  Monsanto Magazine Complete!
Sent in by Joe Campana (Thanks again)
Newspaper Article
See what the paper had to say about ATIS back in the day

  More articles coming soon!