Other lame questions that I have: Last updated 12-17-02

Yes these are lame, weird and crazy questions that I have.

Since I added this section to the website I have been getting tons of e-mails answers or close estimations from insiders or imagineers (who want to remain anonymous) on the many lame-o questions that I had reguarding this attraction. Here are the many questions and some answers to these stupid questions that I have thought about while growing up with ATIS.

1. How did they make the snow constantly fall inside the glass Petri dish from the ceiling? Was it a vacuum or a conveyor belt system that moved cups of fake snow along the edges inside the dish (unseen) to the top and sprinkled it down? Why did the snow sometimes fly all around like a whirlwind inside and other times in was a light sprinkle? I told you these were lame questions.

I have been told by an anonymous insider that it was just a fan that blew the fake snow around. But I could swear that sometimes it would fall slowly down the dish! Maybe the fan was moving slowly (when it needed repair) and it looked like it was falling. Maybe the snow was old and was stuck at the bottom and a little bit of it moved around.

2. Sometimes when I would ride the attraction the smaller atomobiles were broken and didn't move along the conveyor belt inside the clear glass tube. This always made me mad. It ruined the illusion. How did the repair maintenance people get in there to repair the belt? I don't see any way of getting inside that tube. Did they have access from inside? Were there bolts from behind the Mighty Microscope to open the clear tube to gain access to the belt?

I have been told by an anonymous insider that the lights and miniature atomobiles could be repaired from within the structure. There was never a need to open the clear tube to get to them. The conveyer belt of atomobiles could be slid out from inside and be worked when needed.

3. Did the lights (that flashed inside the exit portion of the clear tube where the small atomobiles came out) ever go out? They must have. How did they change them?

Same as above. See answer to #2

4. Why did kids have to spit or throw things at the eye at the end of the ride? One year I saw someone had thrown an ice cream bar on a stick at the eye and the stick was stuck to the protective fiberglass cover (on the front) and the ice cream was melted all down the glass! I also remember that before the protective fiberglass was installed over the eye tube people would sometimes throw their trash in the tube at the eye and it would collect inside like a trash can. It's amazing what disrespect people can have.

We shall never know that one. Kids will be kids!

5. What would happen if you ever stayed in your seat and went on to ride the attraction again? I hardly ever saw anyone in the unload area in the later years of the attraction. Would you have been caught? ….I know….who cares….it's gone! What does it matter?

I have been informed by an anonymous insider that children (or adults) that were caught (by infrared video camera) misbehaving would be warned by a speaker or an attendant that would personally go to the atomoble in question and confront the culprits involved. It is also been rumored that any "ADULT" activity was usually ignored. I guess the employees could get a free show on the vids while on duty.

6. How many people have had "adult encounters" in ATIS?


7. How about 1st 2nd or 3rd base? Hee hee.....


8. How many people got caught having "adult encounters"?

Unknown. Records were not kept at the time.

9. Has anyone been hurt on ATIS by getting out of their atomobile and falling into some of the steep areas that hid the atom projectors?

An insider (not confirmed but probable) sent in this answer: "Yes, someone has been hurt on ATIS when they got out of the atomobile during the ride. Unlike the doombuggies in Haunted Mansion, the atomobiles weren't always on solid ground. At parts of the attraction (the nucleus, the eye) the cars were elevated. So this poor fool fell quite a ways. Nothing fatal though."

10. Where are all the atomobiles chairs now?

Insider says: All the atomobiles were taken to a landfill in Mexico.

11. How many "MINI" atomobiles were in the Mighty Microscope?

My estimation about 25-30. Depending on if some were removed for maintenance. See movie section in website to see a missing mobile in the microscope.

12. How many atomobiles were there in the attraction?

I have been informed by an insider that there were a total of 123 vehicles in the attraction.

13. Where is that eye now? Who has it? Can we ever see it again?

I have been informed by an insider that the eye is in a storage facility in Tujunga. Some of the eyelashes were kept by some imaginers as momentous.

14. What item or items were always getting damaged by people on the attraction?

Insider says: Mostly the Towering walls of ice seciton due to it being close enough to touch from the car and the large eye at the end of the attraction. Projectiles were always thrown at that piece.

15. Did Disney ever professionally film the inside of the attraction as a ride thru that could later be released on DVD or tape? It could happen.

Two insiders tell me that there were never any documented movies made of ATIS. Disney didn't document attractions until America Sings which has been extensively documented before it was removed. Some employees took some movies of the attraction durring deconstruction and filmed an actual walk-thru while the lights were on. I have yet been able to see this footage but I would love to see it.

16. How much did Paul Frees get for his narrative services for ATIS or any of the other attractions (Pirates and Haunted Mansion) at Disneyland.

Unknown at this time.

17. What did it cost Disneyland to run the attraction?

Unknown at this time.

18. Did ATIS break down a lot near the end of it's run?

Unknown at this time.

19. What were the top 3 reasons ATIS was removed?

So far insiders just tell me that even though it was a favorite by many imagineers it had become outdated. Simple as that.

20. What happened to the Mighty Microscope miniature that was used in the warehouse sequence of Star Tours? I would love a picture of that!

Unknown at this time.

That is it so far. If you have questions, send them to me and I will post them here for other insiders to answer them.