Odds and Ends and also Rumors...

Note: Star Tours was closed July 27th 2010 (three months earlier than planned) for a remodel in 2011 with a rumor of three different flight simulations. We shall see if ATIS is still hidden in the new versions for a tribute to the place where ATIS used to reside. Information below about the past "Classic" Star Tours attaction will be kept for historical reference. See announcement here

Below is rumored to be one of the movies that will play in the waiting line queue (Where the large Snowflake mural used to reside in ATIS). This is very similar to the classic "Trip to Endor" commercial that would play in the classic Star Tours attaction.

Video provided by Disneylandlive

Did you know that Star Tours (the ride that replaced ATIS) has it's own little hidden Mickey on it's attraction? If you look hard on the beginning of the ride you can see the atommobile in the bottom right corner of the warehouse section before you shoot out the opening and leave the building warehouse. If you look hard you can see the little atommobiles moving in the glass tube moving toward the end just as the ride had. I guess it was a miniature made just for that sequence. I wish I could see it up close.

Video from FigmentsFan

Click here to see the Mighty Microscope
Hidden Mickey on Star Tours it in quick time
in the media movies section.

Rumors: There is also a rumor that while waiting in the Droid factory there is a mini atommobile (from the actual Microscope tube) in the upper "parts baskets" that travel overhead. I am still trying to obtain a picture of that. Word has it that it has been removed. If anyone can confirm this let me know.

Pay thru the nose... Another rumor I heard is that an actual Atommobile that was in the microscope sold on Ebay for $7000.00 Who would sell one?

Odds and Ends Image Gallery
House of the Future 1957 (inside attraction, book and destruction images)

The Wrecking ball kept bouncing off the plastic house during deconstruction made things difficult for the crew. Workers used chainsaws to correct the problem.
Hall of Chemistry 1955
Mural (by Mary Blair) deconstruction sniff....I miss that mural
This is the framework to hold the new sign (seen far right) for the new Tommorowland. Holes were punched in the mural to hold the new mural. The old Mary Blair mural is still under the new mural. This mural is now remodeled for the new Tomorrowland with different graphics and a small homage reference to ATIS on the mural. Can you see it? Click the image view mural up close. The new mural looks like the whole thing was created in Adobe Illustrator to me.

Interesting info & Other Useless Stuff
The large mechanical eye at the end of the attraction was repaired from behind when needed. There was an access door that led up a small flight of stairs into a small room. Only repair maintenance people were allowed access and it was forbidden for regular employees to enter this room. An insider informed me that sometimes a maintenance employee would take their lunch breaks up there and that they would sneak up to join them during their own lunch break.

An insider told me that certain wall sections of the interior of Star Tours loading area had not been altered from the original ATIS attraction. The back wall of the Droid area is supposed to have a slant in it where the original wall was used for projecting the little snowflakes at the beginning of ATIS ride. I have yet to check this out but I doubt this is true. Another insider told me that the original construction of Star Tours was not supposed to Exceed the interior limits of the original ATIS building. Designers had major problems when the simulator rooms proved to be too small in the current ATIS building. The ceiling roof had to be rebuilt and raised to accommodate for the Star Tour simulators.

At the beginning of ATIS the narrator Paul Freese says: "They will be our only source of contact once you have passed beyond the limits of normal MAGNIFICATION" then you would hear the words Magnification echo around you as you entered the dark mighty microscope. This can be heard on the sound track ride thru of the attraction but is not present in the isolated narration soundtrack. An insider informed me that the echoing Magnification was not echoed in the recording that is coming from the atommobile speakers. The echo was created by external speakers that were housed in the room you were entering and the words "Magnification" were synched in between with the narrator. This gave an illusion that there was a strange echo while you moved forward into the darkness while shrinking.

Homage to the Oil Lamp

Back in 1967 when ATIS opened the exit "Display area" section of the attraction housed a giant Oil Lamp that were very popular during the 60's and early 70's. For those of you that have never seen one of these odd pieces of house decor, it was usually comprised of a small statue with a gazebo type housing. Many small stings were tightly strung vertical around it at an angle and little drops of a golden "oil" would slowly drip down each strand. A very messy item of furniture if you have kids in the house. Monsanto had a giant oil lamp in the exit area that had 2 model mannequins (one on a swing) that wore a new scientific fabric that was called...Polyester! After Monsanto pulled the sponsorship with Disney the attraction went through some cosmetic changes. The oil lamp that once housed the mannequins were replaced with a plain plastic snowflake sculpture and all the display items in the windows from Monsanto were removed and replaced with other Disneyland ride posters such as Space Mountain. The rest of the Display area was turned into a gift shop. The oil lamp stopped dripping oil near the last few years of ATIS run. This was probably due to people flicking the strings as their atomobile moved around it before exiting the ride. I have to admit that I was a curious kid and touched the string while there was oil dripping from it. Messy indeed. It is hard to believe that at one time there was a giant oil lamp like this for people to look at. Funny how people in the past respected things more. There is no way that there can be something like this be around today. Many people love to trash stuff.

(Before) Oil lamp from
Monsanto sponsorship


Certain interesting special effects were added to make ATIS a more convincing experience. The "Towering walls of ice" room was colder than the rest of the rooms to give the illusion of being inside a snowflake. Speakers were hidden in the walls that played the background music or a faint sound of the traffic controllers. Air was blown toward viewers in synch with the sound and blinking of the center of the atom. As you would pass by the intimidating red atom, a small burst of air could be felt with each heart beat sound of the powerful atom. This was later removed due to maintenance reasons. Many people don't remember it being a part of the attraction.

Somewhere out there someone has some of the eyelashes of the great mechanical eye that was at the end of the attraction. If you had looked hard enough you could see that the creators of this model created not only lashes but a very convincing pupil and eyebrow hair as well. That would be an interesting pic to add to this site.

Only a few molds were made of the "mini" atommobiles that were housed in the Mighty Microscope. An insider told me that there were about five or six of them. The molds were then painted different colors to give the illusion of different types of people. Sometimes larger hair or some other small artifact was added to mix up the looks of the different mini atommobiles.

Size Matters
According to inside sources the large snowflake mural in ATIS measured 33 feet long and was 16 feet high
The large Mighty Microscope (Mighty Eye) was 37 feet long and it's height measured 12 feet. The person responsible for the design of the impressive Mighty Microscope was George McGinnis. The entry way lobby of ATIS was considered very high tech for it's time and many people felt like they walked into sci-fi movie or science experiments.


Correct use of graphic

What the heck?!!!
Strange but true. The graphic to the left was used on the old Disneyland Souvenir Guide when you entered the park. These Guides contained showtimes of events, location of attractions, a map of Disneyland and other things about the park. In the Tommorowland section of the book the graphic was seen next to the description of ATIS attraction and it was incorrectly placed upside down! Another funny fact is Disneyland reprints new Souvenir Guides every few years or so and every one that had this graphic was STILL upside down! I don't have an actual guide book or an image/scan of one to show on the site yet. Hopefully soon I will have it here in the Odds and Ends Section of the site. I need to find out the year it was made and get one on E-bay. I believe it was around 1979 or 1980 or so. Tell me if you know the answer.

Upside down graphic on phamplet
Attention! I was right about the upside down pic!!!
...and NO I didn't change it in Photoshop!
Updated on (3-18-03)

A fellow fan Tom Houben from far away Netherlands sent me a scan of the above mentioned 1981 Souvenir Guide. See thumbnail for a closer look! There are a few other different guides out there that had the same error before they changed it so keep an "EYE" out for them!

...I knew I didn't dream it!

More fun stuff!
Did you know that an info box dioramas that were in the waiting line of ATIS were reused as a set piece computer in Star Tours? If you look below in the upper level of the droid factory room you can spot a robot working on the computer box. See image on the left. Click for larger view!

Did you also know that the side of the 2 entry buildings in tommorowland (left building WAS Rocket Rods & right building is Star Tours) still have the same moulding from the old Tommorrowland? The sides were just repainted for the new opening but you can still see the snowflake in the design. See the image on the left. Click for larger view!

I have received some requests for some Peoplemover pics. A fellow ATIS fan sent me these great pics to post.

If you have any other interesting odds and ends to add, drop me a line here and I will add it to the site.