Virtual Magic Kingdom's tribute to Adventure Thru Inner Space

Note: VMK has been closed for a long time now but I leave this page up just for historical reference.

Disney has a popular game site that works on different levels for kids of 13 and under that are fans of Disneyland and Disney in general. The game will have you doing such things as chatting with fellow friend characters (that you create and customize within the game), item collection quests, trivia, mini games and a slew of other things all while playing online with other fellow VMK players. If you want to play and are over the age of 13 you will have to lie on the entry screen. I won't tell.

My daughter used to play VMK all the time and I asked her to get me some information on how to do the quests to get the special "pin" you need to access the locked area that has the inner space showroom.
  Below is what info she gave me written by another VMK player and didn't write it herself. If anyone knows who wrote this walkthru please contact me so I can give them proper credit.  
Hey Fellow Disney/VMK Lovers! I'm going to teach you how to get the Magic DIVING Pin , Magic DRIVING Pin, and the Magic SPACE Pin! Here is how it works: First you have to get the Magic Diving Pin, to use in the Magic Driving Pin Quest, and that Driving Pin is what you use in some parts of the Magic Space Pin Quest.
How To Get The Magic Diving Pin:
First you have to go to Captain Quest Quarters in Tomorrowland Map. Go to the desk were you might see people up there so find the red exit sign on the left, when you get to the desk just double click the desk and you are on your way to the quest! So here are the directions:
1. Go to Discovery Island on the Frontierland Map
2. Answer: 7 barrels
3. Go to the Pirate Treehouse and double click Captain Blackheart (the guy in red)
4. Stay there and say Cannon or Cannons.
5. Go to Storybookland on the Fantasyland Map.
6. Find the whale in Storybookland (someone may already be on it so just go near it)
7. Go to Tom Sawyers Island
8. Go through the Big Thunder Mountain maze. When at the top of Tom Sawyers Island find the horseshoe behind the bench on the left
9. Say Mark Twain
10. Answer 4
11. Buy an item from It's a Small World Imports (over 50 credits)
12. Stand on the crows nest in Fantasyland in the Sky, pink thing in the nest
13. Press heart on bottom of screen and select Smiling Mickey or type in :)
14. Play Pirates and win
15. Buy Lumiere from It's a Small World Imports
16. Answer 3

Lights, Actions and Engines Quest Guide

Blue Car Pin To start, go to Autopia Quest track. Click on the billboard near the ATM's

1. Go to Shipyard Graveyard
2. Use Diving Pin and go in and get the pink diamond, middle of ship.
3. Go to Sci-Fi Diner In
4. Go sit in the car
5. Earn 500 credits anywhere
6. Go to Frontierland Hub
7. Have a seat on a saddle seat in the hub
8. Get the horseshoe on the ground, in front of shooting gallery
9. Walk into the Haunted Mansion Game Lobby
10. Play the Haunted Mansion Game, get ten ghost. Don't leave the game until it officially ends.
11. Go to Tommorland Monorail station, by way of Tomorrowland Hub
12. Find 1st hidden Atom (towards front of monorail platform)
13. Find 2nd hidden Atom (towards the stairs)
14. Find 3rd hidden Atom (towards the front, left hand side, just behind the lamp shade)
15. Find 4th hidden Atom (middle of platform)
16. Find 5th hidden Atom (beside the desk)
17. Answer: 5 stations (You do not need to get on the monorail)
18. Go to the Castle Forecourt
19. Answer: Horse drawn trolley
20. Go to Explorers Tent
21. Find Jewel on the ground (riverside, closest to tent)
22. Find Jewel on the ground (riverside)
23. Find Jewel on the ground (under the tent)
24. Play Fireworks, must get 75,000 points 25. Smile

Space Pin Quest:
1. Head to Autopia Space Race
2. Drive on the track, pick up 5 trophies for 5 credits **Wait for your car pin to recharge***
3. Head to Autopia Off Road on Mars
4. Drive on track pick up items for 10 credits
5. Head to Nautilus Grotto, put on diving suit and pick up pink diamond. (Diamond located on the right hand side of the red rock arch. You have to walk almost to the top.)
6. Answer: 4 stacks of gold **Wait for Diver Magic to recharge**
7.Head to Shipwreck Graveyard, go in and pick up gold mickey head
8. Head to Fantasyland in the Sky, go to crows nest to walk on green clover.
9. Answer: 6 Columbia sails
10. Go to the Matterhorn, double click on the Yeti
11. Stand right next to the Yeti, and dance
12. Change a piece of clothing. Like a shirt.
13. Head to Snow White Hide-a-way, find diamond on the second level.
14. Go to Splash Mountain
15. Wave at the riders on the Splash Mountain Ride
16. Head to the Forbidden Temple, walk across the rocks and land on the skull
17. Go to Shrunken Ned's shop, double click on Ned
18. Play Jungle Cruise game, get to 30,000 points
19. Go to the Haunted Mansion Stretching Room
20. Answer: Eris
21. Go to the Attic, double click on Gus
22. Go to Music Game, play a song from your list
23. GO to Tomorrowland Hub
24. Give a Thumbs Up!
Now you can go to Space Quest room and enter the open door into the stars to access the Shrinking room from the side where you depart into space. Click your pin and a spot in space. Go across to exit mark near seats going into shrink ray to find the door into the store.

Here are some rare pins that are not sold anymore. Maybe they will come back someday.