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Inside the entrance lobby to the attraction
These images are taken from a special Wonderful World of Disney program back before I can remember. It showcased the Pirates of the Caribbean and Tomorrowland
Inside the gift shop upon exiting the ride. This is where the "Miracles from Molecules" song would play.
Rare images taken from a 1967 MONSANTO MAGAZINE article on the new ride they were developing for Disneyland. Read the entire magazine in the articles section with bigger and better scans of the below images! (Thanks to Joe Campana who sent in the nice large scans)

Someone sent me this photo but I don't know what it is from. If anyone knows please let me know.

Hall of Chemistry:
This attraction was housed befor ATIS
Jon Nadelberg personally shot these 2 images. I like the a reflective shot off the rear mirror of the loading area. Check out his photo gallery of the Disneyland back in its glory days. Jon also has the pamphlet (scanned in) on his site that was handed out (back in 1960) when you left the attraction.
Attraction Poster that used to hang in Penny Arcade section of the park.
Image taken from
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Paul Frees June 22, 1920 - November 2, 1986
This pin was sold at the park around 1998 when Disneyland began selling attraction pins.
This pin was only given to castmembers. They in turn, would sometimes sell their sets, by selling the pins individually at Disney Conventions or online. The pin also came with a card which gave a little trivia about the ride
I took this picture at Disneyland California. It was an actual atommobile that was in the tube in the Mighty Microscope. It noted on the display that it was actually a hidden Mickey because if you look closely at the figures it seems to be a sculpture of Walt Disney himself and his Daughter.
A fellow fan was building these Atommobile model remakes on E-bay but I haven't seen them auctioned in a while. If anyone knows how I can get ahold of the creator let me know. I might be able to sell them here from this site.
A fellow fan took this shot inside the old exit area of ATIS that was at the time a storage area for the gift shop and Star Tours was already in operation. Notice the strange oval windows in the background that once housed the display items for Monsanto. The area has since been redesigned for a line extension for Star Tours and has the usual Star Wars elements on the walls inside. Also check out the inside shot with the towering crystals.
Front entrance to ATIS
Another Lobby Pic
This was taken before the attraction opened in 1967. Notice the missing display boxes that you could view while in line.
More images and some exit pics. Even more images on the way... Check back for updates.