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  These clips are taken from an older version DVD of "The Extinct Disney Attractions Club" The newer version is to dark to see any set pieces inside the attraction. Great lobby coverage though! The DVD provides an informative bio of the creation, ride walk through and history of ATIS. They do a great job on providing some interesting background information about the rides.
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  Star Tours with "Hidden Mickey" shot of the Mighty Microscope in right bottom corner! no sound) 3.59MB  


  Here is a sneak peak of the lobby with the atommobies moving to tip of the Mighty Microscope and snow in the petri dish. (no sound) 4.57MB  
  This is one of the few shots inside the attraction of one of the large snowflakes with a small projected flake that rotated in the center. (no sound) 4.47MB  
You are back on visual and are returning to your normal size! The infamous EYE at the conclusion of the attraction. (no sound) 2.78MB
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