My Memories of ATIS
  Why I made this site and what Adventure Thru Inner Space means to me.

ATIS has a special place in my heart as one of the last few classic rides that Disney himself helped create and oversee to become a truly magical experience that became ATIS. This site is dedicated to people who loved and enjoyed as much as myself. I also hope to inform and educate others about this wonderfully odd and educational ride to people that might not had the opportunity to see it first hand. Many younger visitors to my website always ask me the same question. "Why did they take it out?" It seems they are interested in what a shrinking ride would be like and that it might be fun to ride one. They can't understand why the Disney Co. would ever want to remove a ride like that. Of course I have to try to explain to them about how a ride can be outdated or too old for the public but that is very hard concept for a child to understand. In a way it is hard for me to understand.

Why do they keep rides like Jungle Cruse but remove Mission to Mars or Submarine Voyage? To me these were CLASSICS! Oh well. What can we do but mope, remember and play tribute to these extinct rides with fan created websites. If you look on the web you see that there are many others who create tribute sites to old rides and attractions that are shut down and hopefully not forgotten at Disneyland/World. I hope this site can become a tribute/remembrance to a ride that many of us will always cherish even if it is extinct.

I love it when other fans send me photos or stories about this attraction. I want to keep this site growing so I you have anything related to this attraction whether it be film or photos of this attraction inside or backstage send them to this website (credit will be given if you choose) to help make it grow for others to see and enjoy.

  My first experience with ATIS was at age three.

I have defiantly been scarred in some weird way from ATIS. Maybe this website is sort of therapy for me to get at the ATIS out of my system! For some odd reason Adventure Thru Inner Space has stuck with me even long since they closed the ride down in 1985. When I was little I really thought it was REAL! My first memories of ATIS were of a dramatic (and later fun) experience as a child that I have never forgotten. I'm sure there are other people that have had the same similar episode that I had when they were a child and seeing the Mighty Microscope for the very first time.

I remember being about three years old and my parents took me to ATIS in Tomorrowland at Disneyland California. I remember sinking the feeling I got when I first ran (ahead of my parents) inside the attraction and saw this weird lab experiment going on. I saw people in chairs going into a strange laser type machine that was positioned toward a large bubble hanging from the ceiling. I quickly glanced up to the tapered end of the clear tube. I saw that people were being shrunk down smaller than the size of one of my 12'' GI Joe action figures. The little people were headed to the small end of the laser that pointed to what looked like snow in a clear glass bubble dish. I realized that the people were being shrunk to nothingness and put into this bubble with snow in it! I needed to get out of there!

As panic struck my chest my heart began to pump. I quickly turned around and ran strait for the exit as my parents were coming in. My Dad caught me by my arm and held me tight as I tried to run. I screamed "No! Let go! I don't want to shrink!" as I reached for the entrance stall and held on pulling away for dear life! My Mom and Dad kept assuring me that everything would be okay and that you don't really shrink. I didn't believe her since the evidence is right there in front of me. How can she be right? I am seeing it with my own eyes. I kept screaming and crying "No! I don't want to go! I don't want to shrink! I don't want to shrink!!!" My Dad pulled me hard off the turn stall where I lost my grip. My strength at three years old is no match for my father. He pushed me from behind as my body went stiff and my feet went sliding along the floor. I tried to escape again but my Dad held my shoulders from any movement but forward. The entire time we walked down the path to the evil machine my Mother assured me that nothing would happen and we wouldn't be hurt. I couldn't understand why people would willingly walk to this machine and get in one of these blue chairs to be shrunk to nothing. As I walked closer I noticed that people that were boarding the ride were not scared at all and some of them were even smiling. I remember that this really confused me as a child.

We were now waiting in line and I stared at the little people moving along the clear tube in the shrinking machine. The people had no movement and they all looked frozen as they looked forward as if they could see something ahead. They seemed to be not in any pain. Just then I noticed I could hear over the loud speaker with some announcers or scientists that were talking about the riders that have been shrunk. They were talking about the tiny atomobiles and that they are somewhere in the snow bubble dish with the snowflakes. I remember that somewhere during the audio one of the scientists says that one of the atomobiles is missing and that they are unable to find them. "I don't want to get lost in that snow bubble!" Panic hit me again but now it was too late. We were now boarding and there was no way I was getting out of going inside this thing.

As we entered the darkness I kept looking around for the clear tube so I could see out to the entrance of the ride but I could see nothing but pitch black darkness. I figured that when you shrink inside this machine you can't see out from inside. I saw some snowflakes rotate slowly by. My chair turned and I could see larger ones spin past my chair. I remember thinking "This isn't so bad. It doesn't hurt to shrink." We then see giant snowflakes with smaller ones slowly rotating inside another one. I thought we were really small now. Then we entered darkness again. I was able to see small floating glowing spheres that looked like the Mickey Mouse silhouette logo. They seemed to be going on forever. Then our chair spins around and I could see larger ones with moving black and white lines in them. We then enter an area where hundreds of red, white and yellow electrons were dashing about really quickly in front of us. They made whipping noises as if a small stick was being whipped around cutting the wind. After more rooms of molecules went by we finally reached the center of the atom itself. It blinked like a heart beat and emitted a bright red light. I started to get a little panicked again as we approached it since it looked so powerful. Luckily we pass right by it with nothing to worry about except one last thing…

We move by a large tube that has a large eye looking down at you. Yikes! A giant eye! I froze in my seat. I wanted to know who was looking at us while we were so small. Maybe it was one of those scientists that were talking at the entrance of the ride? After we exited the ride I was so happy to have made it out alive and at normal size again. The big blue chair moved around a large oil lamp with a twisted string around it with little oil dripping down each string to the base of the structure. I thought it looked cool. After exiting the ride I begged my parents to take me on it again. We did and I loved every minute of it!

As years went by I made it a point to make sure we rode what was now called "The molecule ride" until I was old enough to read and it became "The Adventure Thru Inner Space" ride. I was in 10th grade in High School when the ride closed in 1985. I was sad to see it leave as many others were. It was always talked about whenever we made trips to Disneyland.

  Life after Adventure Thru Inner Space

My friends and I would always made it a point to ride ATIS when we made a trip to Disneyland. We would always ride it to get cooled off (it was an air conditioned ride) and take a load off our feet from walking all day. One day in 1985 My Cousin Karen and I went to Disneyland and made our usual trip to ATIS and found our beloved ride had been shut down. It saddened me to see the glass entrance doors closed with dark tint and a poster on the front stating "Coming Soon! The most exciting adventure thrill ride ever to come to Tomorrowland! We went on the (still running) "Peoplemover" just to get a glance of what they were working on in there. We were hoping to get a peak from the Peoplemover that passes above and behind the Microscope in the lobby. To our dismay the area was sealed off with large wooden walls with more posters of "Coming soon! Bla Bla Bla!" So nobody could get a peak. Damin!

When Star Tours opened up in 1987 I never made a special trip to Disneyland to see it until a friend told me about how cool it was. So a year later some friends of mine made a trip to Disneyland to see it. I remember entering the new lobby (with the Star Wars theme built inside) and saying, "The space ship speeder is where the Mighty Microscope was and the overhead movie screen is where the colorful giant snowflake mural was and the floor trail to the load area is almost exactly the same etc.etc.and so on.

After leaving the Star Tours attraction I was floored by the way the ride was created to have you believe that you were really in a space ship or at least give you a sense of what it would be like to really fly around in space at those speeds like that. I think it was one of the first simulator rides to ever come out before Las Vegas began to build tons of them! I even remember saying that I liked it better that ATIS. Now that I look back on it I don't still feel that way. I really liked the new attraction and still do, but I wished that they built Star Tours somewhere else (like where "Mission to Mars" was) and left our precious ATIS alone.

The Haunted Mansion is still standing so why did ATIS have to be removed? Why do you think Disney keeps rides like Pirates, Tikki Room and Jungle Cruse? Because other people like outdated rides too! But why can't we vote on it or at least let us know when you are removing an attraction so I can enjoy it one last time…….and tape it! I bet it would increase entry sales if the park let people know that an attraction is going to become extinct….I mean removed. Oh well. I guess it doesn't matter anymore because it is gone forever, it will never come back and you know how the saying goes. All good things……

Sniff Sniff-