Image Gallery 03

Atommobile replica model kit
A Disney insider sent me this cool (behind the scenes) pic of maintenance workers cleaning the entry way of the" walls of ice scene". B/W
Milky way scene or
"coming out of darkness". B/W
"Fashion Fountain" B/W
Atommobile replica model kit
I saw this atommobile chair model kit about a year ago on Ebay. The color photos are from an auction on Ebay for the completed version of the kit. The seller of the original uncompleted kit was asking for $200.00 for the kit. I couldn't find the Creature Features company website but they sell some kits on Ebay. Good luck contacting them. They never returned any of my e-mails.

Concept art of JOHN HENCH for the Atommobile ride operator costume

Construction pictures of inside ATIS
Thanks to Joe Hortan for sending me these great pics.
Entry lobby
Walls of ice
Early construction phase for the exit
The mighty back on visual eye!
Early construction phase for the exit

More photos
A fan sent in a photo of his awesome authentic atommobile and how he built a great custom display for it. Nice!      
Alex Newborn sent this overlay of ATIS over the now Star Tours building to show the path the original ride would be. Nice! Old pal Jeff Babb sent in this photo of the ATIS World Clock that is now the entry way to the gift shop. David Eppen sent in some personal fuzzy photos of ATIS lobby and Mighty Microscope. Blurry but still cool.